SAP PO 7.5 enable sync acknoledgement in async communication channel receiver

Recentrly I had been a SAP  PI 7.1 system to SAP PO 7.5 and some scnearios I had troubles with the acknowldege reponse from other SAP systems.

The problem is with a SOAP XI receiver communitation channel when the message is sended to sap system receiver, I don’t know because the receiver system send to PO a aknowledge with empty content (XML), and this raise a exception in PO.

To fix that I need to add this parameters into adapter module > Tab Module > Module Configuration

Module Key Parameter Name  Parameter   Value
soap        XMBWS.GenerateSysAck        true
soap        MBWS.NoSOAPIgnoreStatusCode true
soap        GenerateSysAck          true
soap        ignoreDuplicate         true

Maybe the parameters sounds to do other actions, but when you set the value ‘true‘the akcnowldege is ignored in PO and the process complete succesfully.




Deploy EAR in PO 7.5 via Telnet (JAVA Only)

To deploy manually ear file in your PO server you need:

  • User with privilegies with J2EE_ADMIN
  • User to  operating system (ROOT user)
  • XPI Tool inspector EAR


  1. Log in via SSH in your server
  2. Put your ear into server for example in /tmp/xpi_inspector_ear_v5_0.ear
  3. Change file privilegies: chmod 777 xpi_inspector_ear_v5_0.ear
  4. Log in with telnet command: telnet localhost 5<instance num>08
  5. Write user and pass and put the next command:

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