Source Tree resolve conflicts with an external tool

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Source Tree supports multiple external tools to compare differences and resolve conflicts between files. By default you can choose any of this:

Source tree tools

But In this entry I’m going to show how to use it with Meld. 

Meld is a visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers. Meld helps you compare files, directories, and version controlled projects.

In linux systems it’s very useful and it’s my preffered tool (only when I can’t use diff and merge tools from my IDE).

How to configure

For Windows

Go to main menu and select Tools > Options > Diff tab, into selection option External Diff  pick Custom and into field Diff Command set the path to your meld binary (on windows is Meld.exe),  into field Arguments set this:

\"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"

Now for Merge Tool, select the same binary (Meld.exe) and set this into filed Arguments:

--auto-merge \"$LOCAL\" \"$BASE\" \"$REMOTE\" --output=\"$MERGED\"

Now, if you choose any file in your project you can check the diff selecting External Diff or with shorcut CTRL+D over your file, and meld it’s executed:


And it’s the same for files in conflict, select your file with the context menu Resolve conflicts > Launch External Merge Tool, now you can view side to side the differences between versions.


For Mac OSX

Meld is available for OSX here, download and install it.

Select Sourcetree menu > Preferences > Diff tab, on Diff command and Merge command set this value:

open -W -a Meld

For Diff command set  this args:

 --args  $LOCAL $REMOTE

For  Merge command set  this:

--args --auto-merge $LOCAL $BASE $REMOTE --output=$MERGED

Note:If you want to disable auto backup files (with .orig extension) from git execute this command:

 git config --global mergetool.keepBackup false

And thats all, cheers



Connect to SMB1 from Windows 10

I had tried to connect from my windows 10 to shared folder over old Windows Server, but I received this message:

2018-05-07 11_52_03-_msg_

This explains the connection is using a protocol SMB1, in Win 10 it’s disbaled because is very old and insecure, the easy way to resolve it is enable it on windows features (into Panel Control, you need to reboot your system).

But I don’t wanna do that, I want to protect my system as far as posible, then googling on internet I found muCommander.

This is a ligth file manager (developed in java) with good support to connect with protocols like FTP, HDFS, HTTP, NFS, S3, SFTP, SMB and VSPHERE.

And now I can connect to older servers without expoes my system to some vulnerabilities.

2018-05-07 11_44_01-Acerca de muCommander