How to Import SCA file in NWDS 731

How to Import SCA file in NWDS, steps:

  1. In NWDS (7.31) opent Development Infraestructure prespective.
  2. In Component Browser tab, rigth click on left tree and select root node LocalDevelopment > context menu > Import SC.
  3. In the wizard window select your SCA file, and fill steps.
  4. At the end in the Infraestructure Tab you must see the import log.
  5. In Component Browser Tab open the tree and select your component (the imported).
  6. Open the tree nodes and select your child component, then rigth click >context menu > “Sync / Create Projetc” > Create Project.

    Component Browser NWDS 731

  7. In the popup window select all components and click ok.
  8. Now in  Project explorer prespective you must see the created project.