SAP PI – Build and Deploy EAR on SAP NWDS

Create EAR application

  1. In NWDS create new project File > New project > Dynamic Web Project, and set project name SingleWebApp and check option Add project to an EAR then select button New….
  2. In ear dialog window set project ear name SingleAppEAR leave default options and select Finish.
  3. In the first dialog, into the field EAR project name the ear application name is selected, now click on Finish. 2016-05-07 11_38_22-New Dynamic Web Project
  4. Now you can add content to Web App (Java code, JSP, CSS, etc..) let’s start to crate a index page, open SigleWebApp > WebContent and create new JSP named index and add some html content. 2016-05-07 11_51_31-Java EE - SingleWebApp_WebContent_index.jsp - SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  5. Now we can deploy our application

Tip: If you need to build and deliver the ear select menu File > Export and select SAP EAR File 2016-05-07 12_30_06-Export


The SAP as Java server only support EAR applications.

If you don’t have registered server you must to add new into NWDS, to do that go to menu Window > Settings in filter search SAP AS JAVA and select Add, in dialog window put your server connection data then click OK (you need write your credentials)2016-05-07 11_59_47-Preferences

  1. Now select SingleAppEAR goto menu Run > Run as… > Run on Server select the server and click on Finish
  2. Enter your credentials again and wait. After deploy finish the browser is open: http://host:port/SingleWebApp/index.jsp2016-05-07 12_09_19-Deploy
    2016-05-07 12_14_34-Java EE - Web Browser - SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  3. If you have problem whit this you can use the Deployment perspective, goto menu Window > Open Perspective > Other… > Deployment, be carefull with this window (explained by self) you can manage all deployments from here.





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